9 out of 10 people I meet want more work-life balance.

But I simply don’t believe in this concept. I think balance between work and life is an impossible quest that only generates frustration and stress. Are they truly two opposites, constantly competing for our time, energy and attention?

Balance also creates an image in my mind of status quo, while life, both personal and professional, is a wave of change that we try to move along with through our resilience.

Moreover, our personal life and are work constantly influence each other. They are intertwined. When everything is well at home, we have much more energy at work. An when we feel fulfilled in our job, we are happier in our personal lives.

I have deleted work-life balance from my vocabulary and replaced it by life-work harmony. In this way of thinking life is our number one priority and we integrate work into our lives as an important part of it, just like other areas of life: family, love relationship, friends, leisure time, personal development,…

Are you committed to growing your quality of life? Are you ready to determine what life-work harmony means to you? Then work with me. I would love to guide you on your journey.