Work-life balance??? Life-work harmony!!!

9 out of 10 people I meet want more work-life balance. But I simply don't believe in this concept. I think balance between work and life is an impossible quest that only generates frustration and stress. Are they truly two opposites, constantly competing for our time, energy and attention? Balance [...]

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Summerbootcamp Turkije: The key to successful leadership is influence

Live your life with passion and pursue your dreams, then the most unexpected and amazing things come your way! On august 9, I facilitate a workshop on leadership, communication and Istanbul! You want to boost your leadership, have more positive influence and impact on the people around you so [...]

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When dreams come true: my first book!

For a long time, writing a book has been one of my dreams. That dream has come true now. But being co-author of a book and writing together with women who share the same mission to inspire, to empower and to help people grow and having the opportunity to spread [...]

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